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Supporting those that create healthier and stronger communities

The Australian Outdoor Industry supports the businesses, organisations and individuals that connect people with the Outdoors for healthier, well balanced and more fulfilled lives.

Areas of the Australian Outdoor Industry Organisation

AOI provides services leadership, management, marketing and administrative services to members of the Australian outdoor industry to facilitate better opportunities, sustainable growth and resulting in getting more people active, outdoors and healthier.

Our work is mainly in the advocacy area in a federal capacity for the members of our organisation.

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What do we do…

We are the national support body for Organisations & Individuals that connect communities with the outdoors

In 2021, Outdoors NSW & ACT saw the need to support its members no matter where they were located in Australia, as the challenges were often the same. The membership voice supported the growth to a Company Limited by Guarantee and the commencement of programs that deliver benefits to all states & territories

Business & Organisation support through membership, resources and programs

Individuals that want professional development to support their work in the outdoors



To read the latest news, visit our Blog page for recent articles and relevant information on what AOI and its subsidiaries have for the community.

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Join the Outdoors 

Wanting to progress your career or get started in the outdoors, there are some great opportunities waiting for you. 

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