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About Us


Our Story

In 1984, a group of outdoor enthusiasts, business owners and academics started the Outdoor Recreation Industry Council of NSW (ORIC). An incorporated body that was the voice for the industry, organised events, managed the NSW Adventure Activity Guidelines and worked with stakeholders to improve the industry and its opportunities. 

In 2017, ORIC worked with the Office of Sport NSW to build enough funds to employ their first full time staff member. In 2020, ORIC formally took on the ACT in its geographically remit and employed a management company to grow the organisation. 

In 2021, ORIC became Outdoors NSW & ACT Limited (a company limited by guarantee) and as membership grew outside NSW & the ACT, the birth of the Australian Outdoor Industry commenced. 

Advocating for federal policy, federal support and areas of industry need, the Australian Outdoor Industry has grown in awareness and now subsequently is liaising with both Tasmania & the Northern Territory to have their own state / territory body established using the systems and processes that are in place for other jurisdictions. 

We aim to continue to support the outdoor industry where it is needed across the country and work with our stakeholders and partners to maximise those opportunities. 

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