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Safety in the Outdoors

Outdoor operators are serious about the safety of their staff and participants. In 2019 the Outdoor Council of Australia released the Australian Adventure Activity Standard and Good Practice Guides. This was an important step to ensuring an increased use of good practice and also increasing consistency of operations. The ultimate goal is to ensure everyone is safe in the Outdoors when they are doing activities they love.


Outdoors NSW & ACT together with the insurance sector compiled the areas that assured the best opportunity for land access, insurance coverage and to minimise harm to the industry. In partnership with Affinity Insurance Brokers, an education program was created to help educate the operators and organisations within the industry on these areas. 

This program remains free for all Outdoors NSW & ACT members and also Affinity Insurance Broker clientele.

Keeping the Industry Compliant

Every outdoor operator has the responsibility to ensure they are showcasing the best safety management and risk management practices when showcasing imagery to the general public.


This is important for many reasons but largely we are concerned that bad practice imagery can convey acceptable practice to the general public. 

We have a roll to keep people safe in the Outdoors and if in doubt, the public should use qualified Outdoor operators to ensure they not only have the best time but come home safe after the experience.

Pledge of Practice for Outdoor Leaders in NSW & the ACT

As Outdoor providers, educators and enablers that instil qualities of health and wellbeing, safety, and environmental considerations, we ask that our members, stakeholders and partners abide by this code of ethics at all times.

  1. Protect the natural environment by adopting a minimal impact approach to activities in all operations

  2. Instil appreciation and environmental awareness in participants by interpreting natural surrounding

  3. Ensure the safety of participants, staff, and the public during activities by developing and implementing risk minimisation strategies and standardised operational procedures that align to the Australian Adventure Activity Standards

  4. Use promotional photography that showcases these safety methods including but not limited to, the use of relevant protective clothing, safe roping methods and safe activity practices

  5. Obey all legal requirements and adopt, as a minimum, accepted industry practices

  6. Act honestly, fairly, and properly in dealings with participants, other members, and the public

  7. Protect staff and participants’ rights to privacy and confidentiality and refrain from spreading false or misleading information, whether written, spoken, or implied

  8. Abstain from knowingly using or being party to improper or illegal methods and practices in organisational and operational activities

  9. Treat all people with respect and fairness without any form of discrimination or harassment based on race, gender, age, disability, or culture

  10. Refrain from intentionally compromising the professional reputation of any industry or connected outdoor stakeholder

  11. Ensure staff continues to acquire and maintain professional skills and knowledge, thereby improving personal competence,

  12. Encourage and assist others to develop appropriate attitudes, skills and knowledge relating to outdoor recreation activities

  13. Advocate for the benefits of the Outdoors!

Have you seen any unsafe practices?

If this practice/incident is of an extreme risk or urgent nature we urge you to contact the relevant SafeWork agency directly and immediately.

SafeWork also invite safety compliance notifications through their relevant websites (links below). 

However, if you feel it is more an image issue and not a regular practice and can be dealt with through conversations with the relevant industry body, then complete our confidential form here.

Have you seen an example of unsafe practices? You can let us know via our confidential feedback form;
How did you witness this safety concern?

If you have photos, video or other content your wish to provide as evidence, this can be provided via email by replying to the email you receive from us after you submit this feedback form. (Please check your junk folder if it doesn't automatically appear in your inbox).

Thanks for your report, we will investigate the issue!

Report to relevant WorkSafe Authorities
Click on relevant state / territory below


Outdoors NSW & ACT has released this image guide for use by destination promotion agencies and those that may be less familiar with the AAAS Framework (Australian Adventurous Activity Standard and Activity Good Practice Guides). 





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