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The Outcome from the Voice Referendum

We wanted to take a moment to address the disappointing result of the recent Voice Referendum, which many of us had hoped would be a significant step towards recognising and empowering our First Nations peoples in Australia. While the outcome may not have been what we desired, it is crucial that we do not lose hope or momentum in our efforts to support and uplift Aboriginal culture.

The outdoor industry has long been a platform for celebrating the beauty of nature and the diverse cultures that call Australia home. Our landscapes have witnessed thousands of years of rich Aboriginal heritage, and it is our responsibility to ensure that this legacy continues to be honored and preserved.

Disappointment can sometimes lead to discouragement, but we must remember that change is a gradual process. As members of the outdoor industry, we have the opportunity to play an active role in fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation for Aboriginal culture. Let us continue to listen to the voices of First Nations peoples, learn from their experiences, and work together to empower and strengthen their heritage.

In our collaborations and partnerships, let us prioritise building meaningful relationships with Aboriginal communities. By engaging in genuine dialogue and active participation, we can create spaces that actively embrace and promote Aboriginal culture. Let's support initiatives that promote economic growth and empowerment within these communities, ensuring they have a voice and agency in decisions that impact their lives and lands.

It is also crucial to acknowledge that educating ourselves and our peers about the true history and experiences of Aboriginal people is an ongoing endeavour. By continuously seeking knowledge, challenging misconceptions, and sparking conversations, we contribute to understanding and unity.

While the Voice Referendum may not have yielded the desired outcome, it should not dampen our determination to create positive change. Let us remember the strength and resilience of the Aboriginal peoples, whose heritage is interwoven with the very fabric of this land.

We thank you for your unwavering commitment to the outdoor industry and Aboriginal culture. Let us stand united in our efforts to empower First Nations peoples and work towards a brighter and more inclusive future.

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